National XC Championships

On Saturday 24th February, the finest mud runners in the country gather at the home of xc for the Nationals at Parliament Hill.
Amongst them will be representatives of BMH with 40 athletes registered.
Timetable as follows:
1 11:00am 26th Under 17 Women Championship – 5K
Rebecca Poole, Rebecca Bullock, Izzy Mannion & Lauren Liversage
2 11:25am 15th Under 15 Boys Championship – 4.5K
Cameron Coveney, Will Parkinson, Joshua Kemp, Oli Morgan, Louis Morris & Oliver Smith
3 11:45am 45th Under 13 Girls Championship – 3K
Isabelle Law, Poppy Morris, Josephine O’Neill & Sienna Richardson
4 12:05pm 72nd Under 17 Men Championship – 6K
Jack Hempstead & Harrison Morgan
5 12:30pm 15th Under 13 Boys Championship – 3K
Guy Stevens, Aidan Leavey, Will Kettle, James Ruth, Jack Hedderly & Leo Liversage
6 12:45pm 52nd Under 15 Girls Championship – 4K
Iysha Morris
7 1:05pm 52nd Junior Women Championship – 6K
Maddie Deadman & Macy Watson
8 1:35pm 70th Junior Men Championship – 10K
Alex Bigg
9 2:20pm 85th Senior Women Championship – 8K
Charlotte Chalwin Cat Coveney
10 3:00pm 130th Senior Men Championship – 12K
Ashley Cox, Rob Wood, Justyn Moore, Dave Ragan, Javier Molina, Chris Elmer, Martin Broderick, Alex Hamilton, Mark Bevan, Terry Wegg, Michael Hickey & Tim Fowler
Travel details are here