Club Championships

The club championship races for the 2017/18 season are shown below with the best 8 races to count.

Note: Some event dates are subject to confirmation, please do not rely on the dates shown below as some are a best guess until official dates released. Click the race event for further information.

19th Nov 2017Gosport HalfHalf Marathon
11th Feb 2018Bramley 1010 miles
11th Feb 2018Bramley 2020 miles
18th March 2018Fleet Half or Reading Half (best time counts)
Half Marathon
25th Apr, 23rd May, 27th June, 25th July, 29th AugustLakeside 5k 5k
12th May / 9th June / 14th July / 18th AugPark Run - best time counts5k
25th March 2018
Combe Gibbet
8th April 2018
30th March 2018
Salisbury 10m

Maidenhead 10m
7th May 2018Shinfield 10k 10k
3rd May, 13th June, 12th July, 9th August, 6th SeptemberClub Handicap~5m
20th May 2018Hook 1010m
6th Jun / 4th Jul / 1st AugYateley 10k (best time counts)10km
8th July 2018Tadley 10k10km
12th July 2018Mob Match at OvertonApprox 5 miles
9th September 2018Dream Mile1 mile
7th Oct 2018Basingstoke HalfHalf Marathon
2nd Oct 17 - 7th Oct 18Any marathon26.2m


Club Championship Results 2016/17

This years club championship winners are:


1st Alex Hamilton
2nd Matt Lyness
3rd Andy Goddard

1st Debbie Cook
2nd Sue Burton
3rd Nick Walshe

Age Graded Overall
1st Age Graded Russell Burton
2nd Age Graded Alex Hamilton
3rd Age Graded Matt Lyness

Age Graded Ladies
1st Age Graded Jenny Froud
2nd Age Graded Nick Walshe
3rd Age Graded Paula Steckiw

Age Cat Winners
Seniors Andy Goddard & Debbie Cook
V40s Ian Thompson & Mitch Lloyd
V50s Ray Gartland & Sue Burton
V60+ Wally Thorpe & Margaret Moody

The winner of the highest age graded performance of the year goes to Margaret Moody

Runner of the Year 2017 – Aaron Oliver
Most improved runner of 2017 – Gail Tyson