Speed Decathlon and Combined Events

2018 Timetable & Pods
Pods for 2018

09.30 Decathlon
18 Joe Flitcroft sm    BMHAC     pv 1.50
17 Chris Ness m45.  Walton AC pv 1.50
16 Robert Smith sm.  Walton AC. Pv 1.10
10.15 Decathlon
19 Tom Grantham m35 city of Sheffield AC pv 3.00
15 Martin Aspley-Davis  m40. Bromsgrove and Redditch AC pv 2.10
14 Mark Andrews. Sm Holland Sports  pv 2.00
11.00 Decathlon
13 Charlie Ashdown-Taylor. MU20  Bracknell AC. Pv 3.20
12 Robert Kite sm.  guest.  Pv 3.00
11 John Dickinson m35. Pv 3.20
11.35 Heptathlon
9 Clare Maurer  SW.  Woking AC
10 Sam Morrison. SW. Woking AC
12.10 Heptathlon
7 Louise Kelly w40  St Albans AC
8 Clare White. W40. Guest 
12.30 Team decathlon
Hourly Thompson
Michael Robbins sm Ryan Hill sm Samantha Dredge SW
Woking Massive
Florence Baulk George Hopkins Katie Hopkins James Spencer
13.40 Lunch break
14.00 Team decathlon
Team Phipps
Clare Maurer SW Dave Awde sm Charlie Ashdown-Taylor mu20 Sam Morrison SM
An effective team
Jennifer O’Connor w45 Trinity O’Connor wu17 Harrison Thorne mu17 Reuben Langdon mu17
14.45 team decathlon
No warm up needed
Ryan Bonifas sm Josh Strudwick sm Gemma Bigg SW
The masters
Rafer Joseph m50  kirstin King Allan Leiper m55  Kevin Cranmer
Team Chatte
Fraser Kilsby Caius Joseph mu20  Nicolas Gerome mu20
15.30 Decathlon
3 Josh Mouland sm Sale Harriers. Pv3.30
1 Bilen Ahmet sm  Kingston and Polytechnic Harriers  pv 3.60
2 Patrick Barrett sm The HAWCs pv 3.30
16.15 Decathlon
4 Dave Awde sm   Woking AC. Pv 3.50
5 Ben Hazell sm.  BMHAC pv 3.50
6 Kaspars Kazemaks sm  Woking AC pv 3.50
17.25 prizegiving

A bit about the Team decathlon

This is an enjoyable format which we improved upon last year, but we would like to push it again this year.
Held over one hour, The aim is for a team of two ,three or four athletes to compete in the 10 decathlon events between them. For example athlete 1 does 3 events, athlete 2 does 2 events, athlete 3 does 2 events and athlete 4 does 3 events.
Each event must be done in the correct order, and the next competitor in the team cannot start until each event has finished. You have up to 60 minutes to get to the start of the 1500m.
Age and sex graded points apply, so choosing your team mates carefully comes into play, as a w40 lady running 13 seconds for 100 m will score more points than a senior man running 12 seconds.
This brings into combined events a lot more athletes than usual, as a sprinter or thrower can compete with a jumper or mid distance runner.
The challenge is to create a team that scores the most points. You don’t all have to be from the same club to compete in the team decathlon.

Speed events(60min decathlon, 42 min speed heptathlon).

Please bear in mind the main rules for this competition.

You must progress to each event together in your group, which will be either two or three athletes.
It is not permissible if you have finished your jumps/throws, to go to the next event without your group members and officials.

You must start the last event within one hour of the start gun for the first event for 60 min decathlon, and 42 min for heptathlon.
Each group will have an official keeping an eye on the time, but it is each athlete’s responsibility to make it to the 1500m in time. (Talking to your group members could be important here, as some might want rest time after the 400m, some might want more time for high jump for example)

Only a maximum of 6 attempts in both the high jump and pole vault are allowed, also in the team decathlon. (Bear in mind the fatigue factor to ensure you score points)

There is one false start per race allowed.

There will be many prizes on offer, from spot prizes, to the event goodie bag for each competitor and of course the medals and trophies.
In addition to the usual medals in each competition category, there is a senior men’s trophy, plus an overall age graded trophy in which every competitor has the chance to be involved in winning

There will be refreshments available throughout the day, with hot and cold food, snacks, and drinks at reasonable prizes.

We regret that for health and safety reasons we cannot allow any competitors in the infield prior to their competition, unless to drop poles/javelins off at the appropriate areas.
There will be tape measures at the pole vault and long jump areas to easily mark your run ups before competing in those events. These will be stuck or stapled down all day .
For the speed events, if time permits you could have practice attempts, for the team decathlon there will be practice time.
We have a couple of poles for those of you who do not have your own.

If you have any queries please contact the organiser at speeddecathlon@sky.com

Many thanks

All at BMHAC