AAA Standards Award Scheme

BMHAC is introducing the AAA Standards Awards Scheme which sets common performance standards across all disciplines across the UK. There are 4 grades: Grade 1 represents the top 7.5% of national performances; Grade 2, 15%, Grade 3, 30% and Grade 4, 65%.

Athletes achieving the required standards are listed on the Club website and sent a certificate. Hard copies are available on request from the Coaching Coordinator at

Badges can be ordered at £4 per badge plus £1 for post and packing via e-mail to Please state quantity, age group and grades of all badge/s required and address to which the badges are to be sent. Applicants will be e-mailed with the instructions on how to pay by PayPal.

NOTE:- Standard badges are available in Grades 1-4 for U13, U15 and U17 age groups and 1-3 for U20 age groups – they do not state the event for which the Standard is awarded.

Leigh Henderson

Coaching Coordinator
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