Upcoming Junior Fixtures

Next Wessex League meeting is on Sunday 25th June at Portsmouth. The Club is top of this League so we will need a high turnout to maintain this position. All age groups and abilities are catered for from U11 to U17.
Male athletes please contact either Lucie Watts e-mail: luciewatts75@gmail.com or Louise Kreiner e-mail: Lch.Kreiner@gmail.com
Female athletes contact Mick Gair e-mail: mickgair@hotmail.com .
Athletes can check the timetable at http://www.wessextandf.co.uk/timetable.htm

Please put “Wessex League” in the subject so the team managers can easily identify the relevant messages!

A week later, on Sunday 2nd July there is an Alder Valley Boys match at Down Grange, Basingstoke for which all Boys from U11-U17 can compete.
Please contact Jo Breeds at ragan.breeds@gmail.com for this one.