Club Handicap

Monthly Club Handicap

The club handicap race is once per month, normally the first Thursday in the month, although please check the Training Schedule in the club calendar shown below for exact dates because some months it slips to the second Thursday of the month (e.g. to avoid Yateley 10k). A start time is allocated to each runner, with the intention of ensuring that we all finish together. The start times are tweaked each month depending upon recent race results and previous handicap performances. If you have not run before then please provide Tim Fowler with a recent 5k or 10k race time (parkrun result is fine) and you will be provided with an appropriate start time. please make sure that you are at the start at 10 minutes before your allocated start time such that you can check in and pick up a race number.

In the Summer months, when the daylight is good, we use the Cliddesden route. This route starts at the M3 bridge that crosses the motorway near Beggarwood (a 15 minute easy jog from Down Grange), and then finishes after the M3 bridge, beyond Cliddesden (see map below). The finish point is about 10 metres after the other M3 bridge on the wide grass verge on the left hand side. The distance is 4.8 miles, and it is net downhill. The traffic is fairly quiet, but please be careful of the occasional cars or tractors. Then it’s an easy 10 minute jog back to Down Grange again.


In the Winter months when it is dark we use the Chineham course. We use this course because it is the safest in the area, with good street-lighting and minimal traffic. The start is at the top of the estate where there is parking along the edge of the road. We have an arrangement with the company that owns Aurora to use their car park, which is at the finish line. Many people prefer to park here where there is plenty of space and they can warm up by jogging to the start up the hill. The course itself is also 4.8 miles and consists of 3 3/4 laps of the estate shown in the map below. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start to register – and bring bright or (preferably) reflective clothing.