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The best place to see most results is on the powerof10 website, others will be placed here when available.

DBJ XC League, Down Grange, 26th November – Results
Hampshire XC League, QECP, 11th November – Results
ECCA Relays, Mansfield, 4th November – Results
DBJ XC League, Down Grange, 29th October – Results
SEAA XC Relays, Wormood Scrubs, 21st October – Results 
Hampshire XC League, Bournemouth, 14th October – Results
Southern XC League, Pamber, 8th October – Results
SEAA Road Relays, Crystal Palace, 24th September – Results
Hampshire Road Relays, Cosham, 10th September – Results
Alder Valley Boys, Aldershot, 10th September – Results 
Alder Valley Girls, Basingstoke, 9th September – Results 
Club Championships, Basingstoke, 3rd September – Results
British Athletics League, 20th August – Results 
SAL, Match 5, Bromley, 19th August – Results
Saucony Mini Grand Prix, Basingstoke, 30th August – Results
Alder Valley Boys, Reading, 6th August – Results
Alder Valley Girls, Aldershot, 30th July – Results
Hampshire Grand Prix, Basingstoke, 19th July – Results
Wessex League, Poole, 16th July – Results and Quadkids
British Athletics League, Bedford, 15th July – Results
Southern Counties Vets, Aldershot, 10th July – Results
SAL, Match 4, Basingstoke, 8th July – Results
Alder Valley Boys, Basingstoke, 2nd July – Results
Wessex League, Portsmouth, 25th June – Results and Quadkids 
SAL, Match 3, Colchester, 17th June – Results
Southern Counties Vets, Basingstoke, 12th June – Results
Wessex League, Camberley, 11th June – Results and Quadkids
Hampshire Schools T&F, Portsmouth, 10th June – Results
Alder Valley Girls, Guildford, 4th June – Results
British Athletics League, Swansea, 3rd June – Results 
Southern Counties Vets, Portsmouth, 22nd May – Results
SAL, Match 2, Basingstoke, May 21st – Results 
Hampshire T&F Championships, 13th/14th May – Results
Alder Valley Boys, Guildford, 7th May – Results
British Athletics League, Down Grange, 6th May – Results 
Hampshire Multi Events, Portsmouth, 1st May – Results
Southern Counties Vets, Winchester, 24th April – Results
Wessex League, Down Grange, 23rd April – Results and Quadkids 
Southern Athletics League, Dartford, 15th April – Results
Alder Valley Girls, Eton, 9th April – Results
Basingstoke Young Athletes Meeting, 1st April – Results
Border League, Haslemere, 12th March – U9B / U9G / U11B / U11G / U13B / U13G / U15B / U15G
Border League, Overall Standings: Team / U9B / U9G / U11B / U11G / U13B / U13G / U15B / U15G
Hampshire XC League, Reading, 5th March – Results  and overall Rankings
National XC Champs, Nottingham, 25th February – Results
Hampshire XC League, Havant, 11th February – Results
Border League, Match 3, Reigate, 5th February – U9B, U9G, U11B, U11G, U13B, U13G, U15B, U15G
SEAA XC Championships, Parliament Hill, 28th January – Results
Hampshire XC Championships, Fairthorne Manor, 7th January – Results


New Year’s Eve Relays, 31st December – Results

Border League, Stoke Park, 11th December – U9B, U9G, U11B, U11G, U13B, U13G, U15B, U15G

SCCL Match 3, Bourne Woods, 11th December – Results

Hampshire Cross Country League, Race 3, Popham, 3rd December – Results

Border League, Basingstoke, 13th November – U9B, U9G, U11B, U11G, U13B, U13G, U15B, U15G

Hampshire Cross Country League, Race 2, Bournemouth, 12th November – Results

National XC Relays, Mansfield, 5th November – Results (U17W)

Hampshire Cross Country League, Race 1, Farley Mount 15th October – Results

SCCL Match 1, Pamber, 9th October – Results

SEAA Road Relays, Bedford, 25th September – Results

Basingstoke Speed Decathlon, Multi Events 24th September – Results

English Schools Multi Events, Exeter, 17/18 September – Results

Alder Valley Boys Final, Reading, 11th September – Results

Alder Valley Girls Final, Eton, 10th September – Results

Club Champs Results, 4th September – Race Results & Final Results per age group

Wessex League & Quadkids
17th April, Basingstoke
12th June, Bournemouth
26th June, Swindon
17th July, IoW
Race Results & League Positions

Alder Valley Boys, Basingstoke, 21st August – Results

Alder Valley Girls, Guildford, 14th August – Results

Southern Athletics League
16th April, Dartford
21st May, Basingstoke
18th June, Oxford
9th July, Chelmsford
20th August, Tonbridge
Follow the links for Results & League Table

British Athletics League
7th May, Harrow
4th June, Thames Valley
2nd July, Blackheath
6th August, Basingstoke
Results & League Table here

South Of England Track & Field Championships
U15/U20 Inter Counties, 21st August, Oxford
U15/U17, 13th/14th August, Ashford
Combined Events, 16th/17th July, Oxford
U20/Seniors, 11th/12th June, Lee Valley
Results via SEAA website

Hampshire Hoppit, 18th June, Full Marathon Results & Half Marathon Results

Alder Valley Boys, Uxbridge, 5th June – Results

Hampshire Track & Field Champioships, 14th/15th May, Portsmouth – Results

Alder Valley Girls, 8th May, Woking – Results

Hampshire Multi Events, 2nd May, Posrtsmouth – Results & Quadkids Results

Alder Valley Girls League, Reading, 10th April – Results

Alder Valley Boys League, Eton, 9th April – Results, Match Positions

Basingstoke YA Open, 2nd April – Results

Border League, Overall results – U9B, U9G, U11B, U11G, U13B, U13G, U15B, U15G
Border League, Bracknell, 7th Feb – U9B, U9G, U11B, U11G, U13B, U13G, U15B, U15G