Speed Decathlon


2021 – Please note there will be no Speed Decathlon in 2021, we hope to return in 2022!

Main rules for this competition.

You must progress to each event together in a group, which will be either two or three athletes.

It is not permissible if you have finished your jumps/throws, to go to the next event without your group members and officials.

You must start the last event within one hour of the start gun of your first event. For the Decathlon its 60 minutes and 42 minutes for the Heptathlon.

Each group will have an official keeping an eye on the time, but it is each athlete responsibility to make it to the 1500m in time.

Only a maximum of six attempts and pole vault are allowed, This is also the case in the team decathlon.

There is one false start per race

A bit about the Team decathlon

Held over one hour, the aim is for the team of two, three or four athletes to compete in the 10 events between them. For example athlete 1 does 3 events, athlete 2 does 2 events, athlete 3 does 2 events & athlete 4 does 3 events.

Each event must be done in the correct order, and the next competitor in the team cannot start until each event finishes.

You have up to 60 minutes to get to the start of the 1500 m.

Age and sex graded points apply, so choosing your teammates carefully comes into play, as a W40 lady running 13 seconds for the 100m will score more points than a senior man running 12 seconds.

The challenge is to create a team that scores the most points. You don’t all have to be from the same club to compete in the same team Decathalon.