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The online Club Shop has a range of kit and accessories – all branded with the Club logo and colours. Most items are available all year round. Some items, for example the Club hoodie, are made to order in Sri Lanka. This means we open a ‘window’ a few times a year, letting you know when these items can be ordered. You will be given plenty of notice by posts, on the website, personal email & facebook when a window is due to open. Any queries please email

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Club Vests


May 2022 update

In addition to orders made through the Online Club Shop when the order window is open, Club Vests are also available for sale at the club, after training on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Please bring cash or cheque.

Masuri  – £18 – adult sizes                      Viga – £15 – limited sizes- mainly child’s

Masuri – £15     9-10yrs 28” – currently on order

                            11-12yrs 30” – limited stock & more currently on order.

Whilst the Track is closed, please e-mail  to arrange collection. Please provide your chest size in inches.

If you require a Ladies Crop Top, they measure by dress size and cost £23, please contact Ann, .

Cash For Kit

The club usually operates a second hand scheme so that parents can recycle old kit that athletes have grown out of as we all know how quickly the juniors can shoot up in size.
More details to follow.