Coaching, individual and group is offered to all club members. A network of coaches and interested parties provide coaching and instruction at all club training nights. The majority of coaches are BAF qualified.

The club recognises the importance of the coaching structure whereby all athletes are able to progress smoothly by having well qualified coaches at all age levels.

Note: All of our coaches are UK Athletics Qualified

*Please note that the old UKA Coaching Courses (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4) were run until April 2010 when they were replaced by a new system structure. Existing Level awards still apply.

NameDisciplineUKA Level/Qualification
Ian ByettMiddle Distance EnduranceAssistant (1)
Endurance (2)
Jumps (2)
Middle Distance (4)
Barry KitcherMiddle Distance EnduranceEndurance (2)
Middle Distance (3)
Martin TarseyMiddle Distance EnduranceAssistant (1)
Endurance (2)
Speed (2)
Cheryll RaganMiddle Distance EnduranceAssistant (1)
Children (Leader)
Endurance (2)
Steven LadhamsMiddle Distance EnduranceAssistant (1)
John DavisSprints (performance)Assistant (1)
Speed (2)
Sprints (3)
Debbie DavisSprintsAssistant (1)
Speed (2)
Lisa HillSprintsAssistant (1)
Athletics Coach
Jackie TobinSpeedSpeed (2)
Peter BoltonMiddle Distance/Sprints/ThrowsAssistant (1)
Throws (2)
Andy SleapMulti-eventsAssistant (1)
Endurance (2)
Jumps (2)
Susan PettNew Starters
Coaching Disabled
Assistant (1)
Endurance (2)
Jumps (2)
Rafar JosephMulti-eventsAssistant (1)
Athletics Coach
Mark RichardsCoaching AssistantAssistant (1)
Childrens Leader
Liz FlitcroftJuniorsAssistant (1)
Speed (2)
Terry WeggJuniorsAssistant (1)
Leadership in running leader
Dave RaganMiddle distanceAssistant (1)
Athletics Coach
Don PowellRoad RunningFitness in Running/Walking Leader
Tim FowlerRoad RunningFitness in Running/Walking Leader
Christopher BerryJumpsHigh Jump (3)
Jumps (2)
Matthew BowyerAssistantAssistant (1)
Athletics Coach
Jo BreedsAssistant Assistant (1)
Athletics Coach
Andrew CrackettRoad Running Leadership in running fitness (leader)
Rodney FinchAssistantAssistant (1)
Jenny FroudRoad RunningLeadership in running fitness (leader)
Ray GartlandRoad RunningLeadership in running fitness (leader)
Ben HazellMulti-EventsAssistant (1)
Throws (2)
Leigh HendersonAssistant Assistant (1)
Michael Hickey Road Running Leadership in running fitness (leader)
David MeacockRoad RunningLeadership in running fitness (leader)
Coach in running fitness
Rhiannon Perryment Road RunningAssistant (1)
Leadership in running fitness (leader)
Sam Sleap Multi-Events Assistant (1)
Rebecca WilsonAssistant Assistant (1)