Coaching Groups

Current Training Groups

Primary (U11) – Cheryll Ragan, Liz Flitcroft, Terry Wegg, Jez Clarke
Beginners (11-16) – Sue Pett

Middle Distance (10-Adult) – Ian Byett, Steve Ladhams, Leigh Henderson, Mark Richards, Donna Mulholland
Junior Middle Distance (11-16) – Dave Ragan, Jo Breeds, Jamie Lamport
Junior Sprints & throws (11-16) – Pete Bolton, Nick Wells
Junior Sprints (11-16) – Lisa Hedderly, Doug Burnett
Junior Multi Events (10-16+) – Andy Sleap
Junior Multi Events (11-16) – Ben Hazell, Claire French

Senior Sprints – John Davis, Debbie Davis
Senior Middle Distance (16-Adult) – Barry Kitcher, Martin Tarsey
Senior Middle Distance (Adult) – Rod Finch
Senior Multi Events (Adult) – Rafer Joseph
Senior Road & Trail – Tim Fowler, Don Powell, Terry Wegg, Ray Gartland, Michael Hickey, Jenny Froud, Andy Goddard, Andy Cullen

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Athlete Coaching Progression Chart

The Club wants to see athletes achieve their highest potential and has a policy that allows the athletes to decide which coaching group they train with, (providing they meet the requirements of the relevant coaching group). If they are under 18, then any changes should also be discussed with the relevant parent or guardian.
(Note: If you wish to change your coaching group, please discuss it with your coach before switching.)

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